Purewax Plastic, Vinyl and Leather Cleaner (474ml)

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Purewax PVL Cleaner (Plastic, Vinyl & Leather) is an organic cleaner that is designed to safely remove stains from interior surfaces.

Package Includes:
1 x Purewax PVL Cleaner (474ml)



Purewax PVL Cleaner (Plastic, Vinyl & Leather) is simple to use and will allow you to clean the vast majority of your interior surfaces in minutes!  Purewax PVL Cleaner will leave the interior of your vehicle smelling like the leather of a new car. This cleaner even works on synthetic leather.

You can follow up with Purewax Leather Cleaner/Conditioner to keep your leather fresh and supple.



For hard surfaces such as Plastic & Vinyl:

  • Spray directly on to the surface. Depending on the surface and degree of soiling allow the product to activate on the surface.
  • Use either a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush to agitate area.
  • Finally wipe off with a damp cloth.

For delicate surfaces such as fabric, leather, or display screens:

  • Spray product onto a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the surface.

Avoid using on Suede.

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Purewax Plastic, Vinyl and Leather Cleaner (474ml)


Out of stock