Complete waterless wash system for any vehicle with any surface

Dust Tar Dirt Road Grime

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Dust Tar Dirt Road Grime

No Water / No Mess

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Purewax Waterless Car Wash is a revolutionary complete waterless detailing system that cleans, shines, and protects without running water. It’s a full car wash in a bottle.

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    Simply the finest water-based surface cleaner / UV protectant we have ever made. Adds a durable NANO polymer barrier to your interior that will offer UV Protection and protect surfaces from friction and degradation

    Package Includes:
    1 x Interior Dressing/Conditioner (474ml)
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    Purewax Tyre Shine Spray is the easiest way to give your tires the matt or dark and shiny look you want. Say goodbye to those faded and dusty tires

    Package Includes:
    1 x Purewax Tyre Shine Conditioner (474ml)
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    Never settle for an average car polish spray, Final touch is formulated using advance science, to provide a brilliant, protective shine.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Purewax Final Touch (474ml)
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    Purewax PVL Cleaner (Plastic, Vinyl & Leather) is an organic cleaner that is designed to safely remove stains from interior surfaces.

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    1 x Purewax PVL Cleaner (474ml)
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    Get our two FLAGSHIP products in these combos! Purewax Waterless Wash / Detailer PLUS our professional-grade PureWax Microfibre 2 Pack.

    • 1 x PureWax Waterless Car Wash / Detailing 474ml
    • 1 x PureWax Microfibre Cloth 2 Pack Professional Grade
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    Purewax Waterless Wash is an all in one cleaning hydrophobic spray. Purewax Waterless wash provides a waterless wash, coat and shine, all in one convenient product.

    Package Includes:
    1 x Purewax Waterless Car Wash/detailer (474ml)

Give your car a premium wash & wax
wherever you are.


No Water Needed

Quickly wash your car without one drop of water


Use on all finishes

Use on all finishes, chrome, glass, plastic and rubber


Just Spray & Wipe

Pro-style detailing is made easy with just a spray & wipe


Apple Green

Fresh green apple scent


Up to 6-7 times*

One bottle cleans your car 6-7 times


One-step solution

Eliminates dust, dirt, insects, tar and road grime

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